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Episode V: Relax. Repurpose. Relegate.

This week, MST delves into a little cruise ship talk since Dan was just on one, the boys take a look at some things that ended up being other things, and a conversation is had that could make baseball a whole lot better. All that, plus music from Sono Amazing, Icelandic band Dolgarnir, and the Swedish Teens!

Episode 4: Puppy Dogs with Myspace Profiles Coping with Sports Depression

In this week’s installment of Men Seeking Tomahawks, Jack and Dan mull over the thankless task that is returning a lost dog, a conversation about sports depression that includes an envelope, and the landscape of social media is changed forever after the Men lads obliterate it! PLUS, music from The Single Issues, John Wright, and Last of the Interceptors! I’d say all that and more, but that’s about it. Oh yeah, there’s beer talk. Now I’m done.

Episode 3: I Only Use Scentsies in My Isolation Chamber

In this, the tertiary episode of Men Seeking Tomahawks, Jack and Dan brutally judge what professional sports gig is easy-peazy, lemon squeezy, Dan serves up a trip report in ‘Postcards From a Sensory Deprivation Tank’, and Jack single-handedly fights the good fight against a dastardly mega-corporation. All this, plus new music, the only guided meditation you’ll ever need, and more swerving than ice road truckers with wolverines in their trousers. Download, won’t you?