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Oh, nelly! The Men Seeking Tomahawks are out in the woods! On this, part one of what will certainly be an award winning two or three parter, MST interviews real life rock man CHRIS MOLER of Last of the Interceptors, Bad Machines, and etc! Jack Drastic┬áreminisces about the pro ‘wrasslin days with one heck of a story, then Dan loses his mind when he hears about an upcoming movie you will not believe! All this, plus music from Treebends, Kimberlite, and obviously Last of the Interceptors! Download and embrace the great outdoors!

Episode 6: Kinda Like Knight Rider, but with Delicious Potty Water

Men Seeking Tomahawks invites you to download this, our 6th episode! In ol’ number 6 as we like to call it, Dan brings a hard-hitting report about one small Texas town going to drastic lengths to get a dang drink, Jack drools over some new car tech coming at ya, and we have a special, special guest! All this, plus music from John Wright and the Occlusion! Download it, champ!