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If you are a fan of the number eleven, then this is the episode for you! In numero 11 of MST, Dan fills you in on quite the useful list of psychological life hacks only the most successful people use, we try our hand (again) at hard-hitting journalism, and Jack weaves the tale of a trio of kids who just made a whole lotta dough! Also, music from CODETALKERS, SONOAMAZING, and THE SWEDISH TEENS! Download and tell a friend!

Episode 10: Solicitors, Ramones, Molers, Shavers

Episode. Number. Ten. Holy. Moly. There’s no way for me to deliver a synopsis to do this one justice pal. The boys give you the scoop on TOMAHAWKSTOCK, Dan rants about solicitors. A special guest busts into the studio. We reflect upon the life of the recently passed Tommy Ramone. A bunch of guys talk about shaving their stuff. There’s a dog. Music from OCCLUSION, LAST of the INTERCEPTORS, and TOO MUCH YOUTH! I just don’t know what else to tell you.

Episode 9: TOMAHAWKSTOCK, Crimes Against Danmanity, Bowie 101

In this hearty installment, Jack & Dan bring you up to speed on the imminent arrival of TOMAHAWKSTOCK, Dan weaves a sordid tale of victimization that’s nearing criminal, and Professor Drastic takes your butt to school on David Bowie! Plus, MST gives you that definitive guide to hand dryer technology you’ve always longed for, aaand, music for your ears from the likes of JOHN WRIGHT, ETERNAL SPIRITUS, and TREEBENDS! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty nifty show to me!

Episode 8: Back to the Minors

Welcome to episode 8! On today’s show, we deliver a handcrafted sports hypothetical that will let you know which minor league system is right for YOU, Dan brings you the hard hitting news reporting you’ve come to expect from MST, and, oh yeah…WE ERADICATE TORNADOES! All this, plus the music of TOO MUCH YOUTH, MEZZETIN, and SONO AMAZING! 


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Episode 7, Part 2: Swedish Cats, Grumpy Musicians, Delirium

HOWDY CAMPERS. Dan and Jack are still in the woods, and they’ve been joined by none other than SWEDISH TEENS FRONTMAN KLAS JOSEPHSON! Is that not enough? No?!?!? Well ok, how about a visit from FAKE GRUMPY CAT?!?! Still not satified? Well, Dan and Jack will also answer the age old question, what do radio personalities sound like after recording for about 9 hours? Hint, it gets weird at 4am. All that, tracks from the Swedish Teens and Last of the Interceptors, and I’d say more but that’s literally it. Click it or ticket.