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We Have a Beer with a Vagabond (No. 38)

Sojourner. Vagabond. You could call our guest today many things, and his unique take on retirement will get you thinking. An interview with migratory retiree Dale Hoggatt, and a musical journey with JP KALLIO, AETHER STREET, and CODE I, today on Men Seeking Tomahawks.


Dale’s blog.

MST: The Music. Episode One.

MST: The Music. Episode One.

We take a break from our weekly antics to present proudly MST: The Music, the all-new, all-music spinoff of Men Seeking Tomahawks. We have high hopes for this spinoff, much like ‘Joey’ or ‘AfterMASH’. Epsiode One is a journey through rock, psychedelic, Americana, and electronic. Know new music.



The Timmys- Dude, Girl

The Vegas Hyenas- Puppies of War

Mojo Frankenstein- Roadrunner

Brood of Vipers- Hosea

Adam Millard- Take a Ride

Navaeh- Doesn’t Matter

Late Guest at the Party- Rockstar’s Daughters Have the Best Drugs

City City- I Don’t Dance

Silverbird- With the Spirits

How Down- Blind

Cozy Hawks- Tornado
Fashion Bath- Thrillbert

Jordan Davis- With You