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MST: The Music. Episode One.

MST: The Music. Episode One.

We take a break from our weekly antics to present proudly MST: The Music, the all-new, all-music spinoff of Men Seeking Tomahawks. We have high hopes for this spinoff, much like ‘Joey’ or ‘AfterMASH’. Epsiode One is a journey through rock, psychedelic, Americana, and electronic. Know new music.



The Timmys- Dude, Girl

The Vegas Hyenas- Puppies of War

Mojo Frankenstein- Roadrunner

Brood of Vipers- Hosea

Adam Millard- Take a Ride

Navaeh- Doesn’t Matter

Late Guest at the Party- Rockstar’s Daughters Have the Best Drugs

City City- I Don’t Dance

Silverbird- With the Spirits

How Down- Blind

Cozy Hawks- Tornado
Fashion Bath- Thrillbert

Jordan Davis- With You