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If you are a someone who is currently, or might be potentially, interested in the art of seeking tomahawks, then you’ve come to the right place.

Music – Sports – Hand dryer technology – Autonomous cars – Mad scientists – Grumpy cats – Network Christmas movies – Drinking potty water – Cruise ships – Psychological disorders – Isolation chambers – Air powered cars – Furries – Geriatric dance troupes – Pro wrestling stories – Funny bits – Sketch comedy – and more!



Tony Ferraro (No. 81)

Tony Ferraro (No. 81)

You could on any night go see a show in our fair burg and catch an act featuring Tony Ferraro. Whether it’s Smoke Paint, Hares on the Mountain, RTB2, or any number of solo works and collaborations, Tony might be the hardest working man on the Dallas music scene. He joins us on the program to talk about these various musical offerings, as well as his suburban upbringing and influences, the notable local musicians he came up with, and his other artistic endeavors. He’ll also perform two of his latest songs live in studio, and even sits in with us for the Technicolor Dream Parade of Fanciful Novelties! We hope you’ll enjoy this very Ferrarolicious installment of Men Seeking Tomahawks!


Tony’s music


Tony’s t-shirt designs

MST Best Team Challenge

About the Callenge

Join each week as Dan and Jack debate and go to battle, trying to decide what team, whose name starts with that week’s letter, is the best.  Ever!  With the help of special guest judges, this really is the greatest competition to ever be held on this show!






Live Remote Podcast

December 13, 2015 – 8pm
II Charlies Bar & Grill – Denton, TX


Every week we honor a player of yester-year who, while maybe he went unnoticed in his professional playing days, we will not let be ignored!

Join us on our journey to honor these legends in the most respectful way possible!

Your Hosts (and Warriors)

Two men who always seek tomahawks.

Jack Drastic

Jack Drastic

Head Seeker

Dan Franks

Dan Franks

Tomahawk Lover



The Big Screen Team Makes a Mean Cup of Joe (No. 74)

Saddle up partner, it’s Men Seeking Tomahawks time! Today, Dan and Jack will quibble over the ins and outs of quality coffee making, the season is nigh upon us for our big screen team, and the Technicolor Dream Parade of Fanciful Novelties checks in with the man with a bionic member, and an update on Noah’s Ark! If you are so inclined to enjoy good music, Minnesota group DRUMBEAT RED is dreamy pop goodness, SWIRLYCUBE is good good acoustic action, and RUSTY SHIPP is nautical rock at its finest! MST is for the children.

Hogan Drops the Leg on Gawker, and Other Confrontations (No. 73)

ON THE SHOW: Dan got quite a chuckle making fun of a man he saw in the airport last episode, but my how the tables will turn today when Dan is confronted in the studio by the object of his mockery! Will Jack have to intervene in a kerfuffle? Also, the sordid tale of Hulk Hogan: the MST boys will look at an insane story that will leave one man rich as hell and may alter journalism forever! Plus, in the Technicolor Dream Parade of Fanciful Novelties, we’ll talk Warrick Dunn, the world’s greatest porn actress, Shakespeare, and robots! This music ain’t no slouch either, as we indulge in the duet HARMONY IN HELL, the rockin’ CODETALKERS, and the hip hop of SECRET~~WINGS! Peep this thrilling mint-flavored Men Seeking Tomahawks!

You Know it Was a Good Game Night if it Ends With a Reverse Tesla (No. 72)

It was a tad rainy out, so the MST boys decided to stay in and game night it up… Men Seeking Tomahawks style! First off, Jack tries his hand at some amateur psychoanalysis revelry in this edition of Where Dan Stands! Then, Dan wows us all with the game sweeping the nation, Design the Douche! Finally, all games aside, the Technicolor Dream Parade of Fanciful Novelties informs you on the topics of show controversy, your Indonesian Medical Minute, and what is a reverse Tesla?! Musically speaking, this show is on point, as we listen to UK rock outfit THE SLEEP DEEPERS, New Jersey shoegazers NAKED ANT, and our Polish electronic pal, IMASGROHN! Play along at home!


Mascot Wrestling and My Petty Diary (No. 71)

On the show: In a new segment called ‘My Petty Diary’, Jack admits to the world one of his lesser moments that, of course, involves a man in a penguin suit. After that, the boys unleash upon the world a craze in the making: CMWF… the Corporate Mascot Wrestling Federation! Hear what happens when the world’s most well known mascots go mano a mano in the squared circle! Finally, the Technicolor Dream Parade of Fanciful Novelties informs you on the phenomenon of twin movies, the difference between a hobo and a tramp, and many other useful tidbits! All this, plus music from friend of the show TONY FERRARO, metal goodness from ORCANAUT, and experimental ambient rock courtesy of MANGO DOG!

Childish Moneymaking Schemes, Adulting 101, Postcards from Sunny Verkhoyansk (No. 70)

The Men Seeking Tomahawks have returned, and with them they brought a doozy of a show for you! Today, J&D rummage through some handy guides that’ll have you looking like an adult in no time! After that, the boys stroll down memory lane and reminisce on childish money making schemes. Finally, The Technicolor Dream Parade of Fanciful Novelties talks eyebrow mites, pilgrims, and Einsteinian anecdotes! The MST jukebox is a jumpin’ with Denton acts WAVE SWINGER and FOOLISH 2, plus grunge rock from FAUX DETOX and the psychedelic sounds of SON! There’s so much more (including a bigoted wizard…) when you bite into this delicious helping of Men Seeking Tomahawks!


We podcast LIVE for your enjoyment and pleasure at the infamous II Charlies in b-e-a-utiful Denton TX!


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